My Book Collection
arranged in order of personal significance.

Roger Zelazny's Amber Series

I consider these to be the greatest fantasy books to be written. Because of Roger Zelazny's death in 1995, there probably won't be any more Amber books written. I collect the softcover and the hardcover versions of the novels. The books have also been adapted by DC Comics.

I've also got a Combat Command Role Playing Novel The Black Road War, as well as Roger Zelazny's Visual Guide to Castle Amber, and the computer game of Nine Princes in Amber - an electronic novel.)

URSHURAK - by the Brothers Hildebrandt and Jerry Nichols

The artwork in this book is great and the story is a well-written fantasy epic. I really like the protagonist Hugh Oxhine. Too bad it was never made into a movie, like they were planning.

Doctor Who books

Fighting Fantasy Game Books
by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone

(All you need is the book, a pencil, a piece of paper and some dice! Solo-adventure books.They're much better than "Choose Your Own Adventure" type books because you have the random dice element, and a particular ending you must get to. Fighting Fantasy is quite a popular game system. People are using it to role-play as well.)

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Fighting Fantasy Links:

TSR's Endless Quest Books

(Not as versatile as Fighting Fantasy, these still have well-written plots. Most of them are based on Dungeons & Dragons, but there are some for Gamma World, Top Secret and Star Raiders.)

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Movie Adaptations/Inspirations

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