Lafe's Favorite Things...

My All-Time
Favorite Movies

My most-watched
Horror Films

My DVD Collection Profile

My Truly Favorite Television Programs

Bands I listen to...

Board Games I enjoy playing with my friends...

Lafe's Favorite
Video Games

Comic Books I collect
and read.

Favorite Animated Character: Yosemite Sam

Favorite Comic Strip: Hagar the Horrible

My Book Collection.

Favorite Publication: BEAR Magazine

Favorite Animal: Bear
(Koalas especially...)
yeah, I know they're not real bears!

Favorite Man:
John McIsaac

Here's a picture of me and my partner, John.

Favorite Talk Show:
Ricki Lake
Here's a picture of John and I on her show!

Favorite Politician:
Mike Harcourt, former B.C. NDP Premier

Favorite Clue suspect: Professor Plum

Favorite Hockey Team: Winnipeg Jets
(now gone)

Favorite Historical Guy on money: The $50 Grant

Favorite Wacky Package

Favorite Alcoholic Beverage:

Ernest & Julio Gallo
Blush W

It tastes like Kool-Aid

Favorite Soft Drink: 7-UP

Favorite Cuisine: Thai

coconut soup rules!

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: Golden Grahams

Favorite Candy:
Sour Soothers

Favorite Place in the World: Disneyland Anaheim

Favorite Birthplace:
Snow Lake, Manitoba

Favorite City:
Calgary, Alberta

Favorite of the Seven Dwarves: Grumpy

Favourite Teletubbie: Dipsy

Favorite Color:
BLUE (isn't it obvious?)

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December 03, 2005