Lafe's Favorite Home Video Games

Atari 2600

    Swordquest Earthworld, Fireworld and Waterworld
    (The idea of having a series of puzzle games as a contest intrigued me.)

    Midnight Magic
    (Surprisingly good pinball action - ten times better than Video Pinball)

    Yar's Revenge
    (The Quotile Base must be invaded!)

    (Great 3-D effects and action.)

    (It's how Pac-Man should have been. Loosely based on the movie.)

    Smurf Rescue
    (Better than the CV version, except you can't do the Smurfette trick.)


    (Very close to the arcade version!)

    (Psychotic and action-packed Berzerk sequel.)

    Pit Stop
    (A load of racing fun.)

    (An interesting arcade-style adventure game which can be solved in a single playing session. Fun!)

    (The best home-port of Q*Bert in my opinion. Level 9 is wickedly furious!)


    Thunder Castle
    (Excellent graphics, sound and gameplay! A lot of fun.)

    AD&D: Treasure of Tarmin
    (Early Wolfenstein 3-D? Cool quest game...)

    (My favorite Venture translation. Graphics and sound aren't great, but control and action are.)

    Kool-Aid Man
    (Cool idea for a game.)

    Space Hawk
    (A very relaxing game to play; Omega Race/Asteroid similarities.)

Commodore 64

    Jumpman and Jumpman Junior
    (Highly addictive with a large variety of levels.)

    Chilly Willy
    (Great version of Pengo, and I love the music.)

    Space Taxi
    (A cute novelty game. Up please!)

Nintendo Entertainment System

    The Battle of Olympus

    (Great adventure game with nice graphics.)

    The Adventures of Captain Comic

    (ColorDreams release, nice graphics, sound and action. A beautiful platform contest.)

    Dragon's Lair

    (Not quite like the laserdisc version - good animation. A work of art.)

    Milon's Secret Castle

    (One of the first NES games I rented and actually liked. A good puzzle and platform challenge.)

PC Games

    CHAMP Kong

    (The best Donkey Kong Clone I've ever played!)


    The Alone in the Dark series
    (These games give me the creeps, but I like it. Carnby's a likeable character.)

    Epic Pinball


    (An enthralling pinball experience in sight and sound.)




    Wrath of the Demon
    (Readysoft's side-scrolling fantasy action game. Very attractive graphics and sounds.)

    (Horror Adventure game from a few years back. The mazes are easy to get lost in.)

    Litil Divil
    (Cute arcade/adventure game with a cute little Dog-Devil who must locate the Mystical Pizza of Plenty in the Labyrinth of Chaos. Excellent cartoonish graphics. You have full control. Produced by Gremins Ireland in association with Philips Interactive Media. A real treat!)

    Full Throttle
    (Lucasarts Entertainment)

    (A CD-Rom game packed with hairy bikers and mayhem!)



This document was last modified on Sunday, November 26, 2000