(1982, Kushner-Travis Films)

A year later, Kevin's reign of terror continues. This time, he is after his brother.
More students will die at Sir John A. Macdonald Junior High.

Running Length - 11:17

Number of victims: 14

Kevin Markson played by: Jeff Kushner

Production Details

This film was the second in the series of My School films. Like the first My School, It was also shot on Super 8 film and later added new scenes on video.. We developed the killer element a lot more and had cutting between the victim and the approach of the killer. There was a famous scene with one of our friends opening a locker and getting chopped with an aluminum foil-covered cardboard axe. The blood was the cheap "red vaseline in a tube" variety which children buy for Halloween. The Super 8 footage was shot when we were only in grade 8!! My School II had the very first retake, because as the director I did not like the way that David Beaton initially walked down the hallway.

The story introduced Kevin's brother Lafe (me), who for some reason or another Kevin was after. The character of Lafe had no idea that Kevin was doing all of the killings in the school, but would find out in a bloody showdown at the end of the film. The walking corpses of the victims would appear at the end to get their revenge; a theme which would continue throughout the entire My School series.

The bridging video footage (which expanded the film from 3:50 to 11:17) was shot in 1987 during the making of My School V and 6. The video material had the theme of Kevin the killer crossing off each student's face after he had killed them. Most of the killings were through the eyes of the victim, which I found strange, but it really cut down on the number of actors needed -- just one to play the role of Kevin the killer. The newly shot video material also showed one policeman's investigation of the school killings.

I was much more satisfied with My School II when the new video material was added. The professionally done titles and music made it a cute little cult film which I show to people for a treat. It's part of the My School history which I am proud of.

Like My School, the novel for My School II differed vastly from the film. The novel, which I may make available on this site later, shows what happened a year later. Nobody believes the rantings of Officer Taylor, when he says that the school killer was Kevin Markson. He has drunk to excess to block out his Kevin nightmares. Everybody believes Kevin was one of the victims in the original school massacre. A body was found, burned to a crisp in the science lab -- they assume it to be Kevin's body, since no dental records were available. Officer Taylor shows up at the funeral services with a grave warning about Kevin's return -- and is escorted away.  Kevin's brother Lafe starts having creepy daydreams of Kevin chasing him. Officer Taylor is uncovering evidence that the burned body wasn't really Kevin's, and was that of a runaway kid. But his drinking problem has got him suspended from the police force. A "visitor" appears at Officer Taylor's home and slaughters him.  The night of the dance at Lafe's Junior High School , the same killer enters the building and starts murdering  students one by one. Lafe comes face to face with the killer in the hallway. There is a chase and an unmasking. It is Kevin!  Lafe is wounded badly in the battle. But then the zombies of previously-killed students appear to take Kevin to hell. Kevin vanishes from the scene, with his new-found teleporting power.