(1988, LT Films)

Kevin's mission of evil continues, and the Doom Bear is there to make sure it happens.
Virgil the nerd must choose between good and evil. Has Kevin returned from the grave?

Running Length - 98 minutes

Number of victims: 23

Kevin Markson played by: Rod Harper

Virgil Pembury played by: Rod Harper


Production Details

This film was the sixth My School film, and was put together with what was left of My School V, since we had shot so much video. I basically drew a line at the center of the script, and that is where My School 6 would begin. Virgil is struggling with feelings of guilt and disgust conflicting with feelings of fear that Kevin and/or the Doom Bear will punish him for insolence. Virgil is essentially their slave and assassin, since they do not have the power to kill.

The paperboy is still being held captive in Virgil's basement (from My School V.) Virgil tortures him some more, but he eventually breaks his chains and escapes. With the all-seeing ghost vision of Kevin, Virgil is able to hunt down the paperboy before he can alert the authorities.

Students are still on summer vacation. Virgil goes around the neighborhood, obeying Kevin and the Doom Bear's wishes by killing off as many people as he can, including a group of boys at a house party, having a seance to raise the ghost of Kevin Markson. The authorities eventually catch up with Virgil's bloody trail and try to arrest him.

At the clmax of the film Virgil's good side wins over, and he dispatches Kevin and Eugene - in a rather bloody manner. Then Virgil takes his own life to end the killing of innocent people. The ending is quite a shocker.

Some of the scenes turned out quite well, such as the vagrant being run over by a train, the policeman's live dissection and the party deaths. Other scenes, like the children being chased in the townhouse court, the long nightmare and the druggie death, were not to my liking. Overall, I think the pacing of this movie could have been made a lot faster.

Eventually, I would like to combine My School 5 and 6 into a single movie and do a special re-editing and trimming of the best scenes. The new movie would be called "My School - Summer Vacation with the Doom Bear" or something similar. I would only leave in the scenes significant to the plot, and probably eliminate much of the mindless killings. I would focus more on Virgil's struggle between good and evil.