by Lafe Travis Fredbjornson

Because of your bestial nature at the beginning, many of your early decisions are random; a die must be rolled to determine which direction you go. I don't care too much for this, because you'll end up missing important areas through no fault of your own. But once you open the Vapour of Reason, you'll be allowed to make your own decisions. Vapour, eh? You'll learn more about those later if you don't know what they are.

The starting dungeon is quite hard to escape from. It's a large maze, and occupies the first half of the adventure. Unless you have the means to find secret passageways, you'll be running around in circles forever. Many branches lead to the same areas. I kept finding myself arriving at the workroom from different directions.

The pendant really comes in handy for finding secret passages. But it was unfair that the phrase "You find yourself..." was not part of passage #213, although you still need to add 20. Apparently printings of the Gamebook 2002 had this error corrected.

Steve Jackson has also put some infinite loops in the adventure, such as the dungeon maze, the Chaos Warriors, the guard room door, and the battle with Quimmel Bone. These cannot be gotten out of. Your Stamina will be worn down until you die. One really nasty trick up on the surface, is being sent back down to the dungeon, except without the pendant in your possession. I also noticed how all the directional signs are wrong. Don't always believe what you read!

Areas to avoid are the Yellowstone Mines, the Testing Grounds, The Village of Dree, The Forest of Spiders, and most of the undergrowth in the forest. The map you're given on the inside cover of the book isn't very useful. But some of the clues are hidden in the illustrations, so look at them carefully!

Finding the location of Zarradan Marr is tricky. (He's the weird guy on the book cover.) You are given no clues about where or when you should try to enter his netherworld. But there is no limit on the number of times you may try. (If the passage you arrive at doesn't make any sense, then you'll know that you haven't found him.)

You may be wondering what's with all the strange language? Steve Jackson has brilliantly created this to keep you from learning too much about what is going on. Because you are a primitive creature, all common speech and writing will sound like gibberish to you. Until you are given the Gift of Understanding, you will not be able to decode any of the garbled phrases.

The method for translating the code is at reference 283 in the book. But even if you know that, it's not a perfect system, because not all b's, f's, j's, p's and v's should be shifted down into their adjacent vowels; many of them remain. This takes some guesswork.

I've translated all of the coded passages in the adventure, and they can be found below, following the walkthrough.
Many of them are quite revealing.

I congratulate Steve Jackson for writing such a complicated adventure. Unfortunately, most people have found it too hard. Too many things are left to chance or guessing. It's not easy to get far.

Perhaps with this walkthrough, people will be able to develop an appreciation of this adventure as a whole.

This is probably the shortest route through the adventure (125 references). I suppose you could skip the visit to
Rosina's hut, but her fortune reading adds a lot to the plot.

If you'd like to solve Creature of Havoc on your own, do not read any further !

You are encouraged to follow along in your book. This walkthrough assumes that all battles are won, and all ability checks are successful. Where randomness is involved, I've indicated which rolls are correct.

(1) You awaken in pain. What is going on? A Dwarf. Kill it. Nothing is to be learned

(185) Kill the Dwarf (TRANSLATE) and examine the body

(399) A hide with strange writing! (make a note of reference 337, to refer to once you know how to TRANSLATE)

(308) Roll a 1, 2 or a 3 on one die and go west. You enter a lit chamber ahead.

(205) You attack a party of adventurers . You kill the Hobbit (Sk:5 St:6) in 3 straight rounds.

(160) You eat the Hobbit. (TRANSLATE) Test your Luck.

(292) You kill the man in red robes (-2 Stamina) and fight the Armored Knight (Sk:8 St:9)

(446) You eat the man in red robes (restore Stamina). Flying creatures! A locked door.

(101) Roll 3-6 to break down the door. Corpses litter a cave where a battle took place. Something strange is happening..

(234) Roll 1, 2 or 3 to investigate the bodies further.

(447) There are invisible creatures eating the corpses!

(89) You must fight the Flesh Feeders (Sk:6 St:6/Sk:6 St:7/Sk:6 St:6)

(382) You discover a Flask among the bodies - (TRANSLATE) - A Vapour! (+2 Luck)

(51) You CHOOSE the west passage. You run into another party! Strongman (Sk:7 St:8)

(320) Fight the Warrior (Sk:7 St:7) and the Thief (Sk:8 St:6)

(281) Take the dull metal pendant; it can help you find secret doors

(306) If a passage begins "You cannot see a thing..." DEDUCT 20 from current reference (+1 Luck)

(115) Eat the bodies (+4 Stamina) You must descend a dangerous stairway to a stinky river

(166) Pass a Luck Test and cross the smelly Bilgewater river. Continue North.

(358) The cave becomes dark. You enter a large chamber.

(257) "You cannot see a thing..." Use your pendant. (257-20=???)

(237) Now, if a passage begins "You find yourself..." ADD 20 to the current reference (+1 Luck)

(458) Enter the secret cave. Take the green rock (club).

(110) A crystal club! (Make a note of reference 333 to use). Leave the chamber.

(257) Back in the dark - go west.

(309) You reach a junction. Go west again.

(280) Creatures approaching! Continue ahead.

(342) Two humans! Attack them.

(258) Warrior (Sk:8 St:9) and Fighter in Leather Armor (Sk:7 St:8)

(13) Poke through the sack that the first adventurer laid to one side

(147) A casket with a vial - another Vapour! (TRANSLATE)

(283) The Secret of the Code is revealed (make note of this reference) (+1 Luck)

(137) At the junction, head east to a sturdy locked door

(204) Use the ball to hit the plate

(435) A Rhino Man comes out. (TRANSLATE) You can understand him!

(62) Take his message (make note of Legionnaire 29 if you wish; not used in the solution) and leave

(298) Climb the stairs to a T-junction. Go east

(373) The corridor ends at two doors. Choose the left one.

(241) Two Blood Orcs and an old blind man (TRANSLATE). Fight the Orcs (Sk:7 St:7/Sk:8 St:7)

(7) A blind man (TRANSLATE) You can understand him!

(200) Hannicus gives you info and a Silver Ring to defeat Darramouss (+2 Luck)

(360) Do not give it back. (make note of instructions to defeat Darramouss)

(138) You leave the man and continue to another door...

(15) A creepy workroom with wooden boxes. Ignore them and leave the room.

(436) Choose the east door (quickest).

(49) A bridge over a smelly chasm. Test your Luck!

(457) You are Lucky! You ignore a side passage and continue eastwards

(122) Two doors at the end of a passage. Enter the north door.

(154) It's locked. Break it down. (-1 Stamina)

(396) A desk with parchments. Pick one up and read it.

(100) A powerful Rock Demon appears! Battle it.

(327) It's only an illusion cast on a mouse. Read the parchment.

(192) (TRANSLATE) Learn how to enter Marr's netherworld (subtract 93 at the suspected location)

(450) Leave through the door in the south wall - back to the hallway you entered from.

(263) You must charge the door to the east.(-1 Stamina) A Manic Beast! (Sk:7 St:8)

(209) Defeat the Beast and eat the human carcass.

(249) (+4 Stamina) 2 Gold Pieces. Drink the green liquid (Potion of Strength).

(318) (Restore Stamina to initial level). Leave.

(293) You arrive at a wooden door and hear voices. Creep slowly into the room.

(276) When you enter, you are surprised at what you see...

(161) Six dark arches ahead. Investigate the room further.

(104) (TRANSLATE) Someone is talking to you from an alcove. Enter.

(323) A creepy figure in the shadows (Chattermatter). Leave and try another archway.

(220) The next archway has a shower of strange dust. Investigate.

(56) You are showered with Elven Dust! (make note of this)

(405) Leave the recess and choose the north door.

(300) CLANG! A portcullis closes behind you. Crossroads. Take the west passage.

(213) A dead end. Use your pendant. (213+20=???) ("You find yourself..." is NOT stated!)

(233) A magical doorway opens! Step through.

(369) Darkness -- 4 ghostly faces appear. (TRANSLATE - and you'll be given a new direction)

(90) You confront Darramouss! Grab him? No! (90+50=???)

(140) You use your ring against him. Take the north secret passageway.

(184) Cross a bridge and confront an Dark-Eleven guard. Say you were allowed to leave.

(3) Make no gesture. He leaves to check with Darramouss.

(437) Remain where you are until the Elf returns.

(38) Darramouss couldn't be found. Give him your pendant (no more secret passageway finding!)

(442) You are granted exit from the dungeons! You come up in a creepy graveyard.

(123) Look around the old building - the three Women of Dree. They can help you learn your destiny.

(324) Accept their quest for Sculliweed Root. You sleep for the night. (+8 Stamina, +2 Luck)

(95) Head South. The peasant village of Coven. Leave along a street leading west.

(274) A man is fighting a Half-Orc. Assist the Half-Orc.

(291) Fight the village man (Sk:7 St:8). Grog the Half-Orc is your new companion.

(438) (While he's with you, subtract 52 from references ending with a 7 for bonuses.)

(107) There is a crossroads outside Coven

(107-52=55) Grog retrieves his special knapsack. He suggests going west to Rosina.

(177) You follow the trail to the countryside, where there is a hut.

(177-52=125) Grog points out that it is Rosina's hut. You enter.

(252) Rosina is a fortune teller. You pay her your 2 Gold Pieces.

(11) Your fortune is told. She tells of Sculliweed. She gives you a Rope (not needed). (+2 Luck)

(386) Back to the crossroads, you go north.

(130) Darkness falls. (+4 Stamina). Take the north-west trail. (The signpost is wrong).

(190) You enter a muddy swamp - "Bu Fon Fen".

(307) Two ways on: north and north-east. Choose north.

(307-52=255) Grog warns you about possible danger. (Rope not needed.)

(267) You chose north. You are being watched!

(267-52=215) Grog wants to leave this area.

(380) You investigate the plants by the side of the river

(106) You choose the plant with the blue stem (note the number 49 for this plant)

(18) You turn to leave, but the trail has disappeared! You follow the bank to a clearing.

(315) You confront a toad-creature with a trident. Fight it.

(145) Toadman (Sk:9 St:9)

(287) The Toadmen surround you! Is it the end?

(287-52=235) Grog comes to the rescue. You acquire his knapsack. (Potion of Fortune)

(92) Nightime again. You sleep and the Witch-Women of Dree come to you in a dream. You have a Sculliweed Root.

(92+49=141) Take note of everything they tell you. They give you a Ring of Truth. (restore Stamina to full.)

(423) You awaken in another forest area. Try to mount the strange 4-legged creature (Ophidiotaur).

(127) You must roll lower than your Skill score to succeed

(5) The Ophidiotaur takes you to a clearing in the forest.

(366) Two Brigands are attacking a white-haired Elf (Daga Weaseltongue). Help him.

(429) Brigands (Sk:8 St:9/Sk:8 St:7)

(448) The Elf seems deceptive. You decide to use the Ring of Truth

(269-50=219) You learn how to get onto the Galleykeep

(189) Set off through the undergrowth and look for a trap. Test your Luck.

(341) You are taken aboard the Galleykeep. Fight 2 Goblins (Sk:6 St:5/Sk:5 St:5) on the deck.

(312) You must choose a door. (Remember the Elf's poem? ) Choose the door with the Jug of Water.

(346) The captain's quarters! Investigate the mirror.

(422) Nothing special about the mirror... (Remember the Biography of Z. Marr?)

(422-93=329) You have found Zharradan Marr! You learn of your past...

(121) The mystery is beginning to unravel.

(199) He demands Grog's knapsack (Vapour of Life within). Refuse to give it.

(133) Zharradan starts casting a spell. You bathed in the Elven Dust.

(417) His spell fails.

(28) You have the Crystal Club!

(28+333=361) You shatter the mirror with the crystal club.

(460) Zharradan's portal is closed and all of your memories return.

Translations of the Coded Passages:

Corrections from A. Drake:

"For some reason, you've missed out the ref 90 when you meet Darramouss in the dungeon and are instructed by his animated heads to turn to 90 if you can understand them.

Also, are you sure that the secret doors aren't labelled correctly? The doors to the chamber with the crystal club and Darramouss' lair are both correctly identified by the text, and that's all you need really.

As far as I can tell, the only secret door that's not marked in the text, is the empty room that traps you , just past Darramouss' room and that orb he uses to watch you (ref 20, so plus 20 to find the room). I assume that this crafty little trick is deliberate as you won't find it if you don't check and it isn't necessary and doesn't lead anywhere anyway!"


special thanks to Alex Eddy < > for retrieval of this solution; I thought it was lost forever!
special thanks to Henrique Rodrigues < ) for providing translations of the coded passages
special thanks to A. Drake ( for providing some helpful corrections.
special thanks to Mark J. Popp for hosting this on his "Scrolls of Titan" website for so many years

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