The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

Walkthrough by Lafe Travis

This is probably the most popular Fighting Fantasy book of all. It is extremely well written by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone. The amount of choices you are presented with really give you the sense that you are role playing, unlike the linearity of many later Fighting Fantasy Books. It was the first FF book I ever played, and got me hooked on the series.

The artwork is greatly detailed by Russ Nicholson, and contains pictures of most of the dangers you'll face. The monster assortment is huge. Firetop Mountain is divided into several areas. The first part is guarded by the Orcs. The next section you'll enter at the gate with two levers, is primarily cave monsters. The river crossing is the halfway point of your journey. North of the river is ruled by the undead. The final section is the Maze of Zagor, which most people will agree is the trickiest part of Firetop Mountain. It's easy to get yourself lost in there. You'll need to make notes and diagrams to avoid returning to the same intersections and passages.

This adventure plays intensively with your Skill, Stamina and Luck scores. You will be given many Luck points throughout the adventure, so don't be afraid to use Luck in battles to inflict extra damage on the monsters or to reduce your own.

This solution assumes that all battles are won and all Skill, Stamina and Luck tests are passed. If you'd rather play it more honestly, you should still be able to follow along, inflicting the necessary penalities on yourself.

MAP of Firetop Mountain to follow along while you're playing.

This is only one of many solutions, but is the shortest route possible through Firetop Mountain. I've made many notes and maps, and this is the easiest way. You may notice that I've bypassed many of the rooms and areas, including the Boathouse. It will miss out on many of the fun and exciting areas. This solution has you collecting only the keys you'll need to open the Warlock's chest at the end.

So now I present the solution for The Warlock of Firetop Mountain !

(1) You enter the caverns of Firetop Mountain

(71) Go West at the first junction - A sleeping Orc!

(301) You are Lucky and the Orc does not wake up

(208) Ignore the door and continue northwards

(397) The next door you'd like to open

(240) You open the box - a snake!

(145) You kill the Snake - Bronze Key #99 (+1 Luck)

(363) Open the door, two Orcs are singing and drinking

(370) Attack the two drunken Orcs

(116) You win the battle

(378) Open the 'Farrigo Di Maggio' box

(296) You learn the Dragonfire spell

(42) You leave the room and come to a three-way intersection

(113) Another junction

(285) Go North - a man is screaming behind a door

(213) Try the door - it's locked - Skill test to break it down

(36) You break down the door - a crazy man is inside!

(263) Try to calm him down. helpful rumours are given (+1 Luck)

(314) Continue onwards, another door; ignore it

(300) Ignore the next room and continue up the corridor

(303) A Portcullis with two levers

(128) Pull the right lever, like the man suggested

(58) Walk East at the intersection

(15) Stop and eat provisions (+Stamina!, +1 Skill)

(367) Continue along the passage

(323) Go East at the next junction

(255) Go East

(193) Open the sturdy wooden door

(338) You want to take the jewelled eye from the statue

(75) The Iron Cyclops statue comes to life! Defeat it

(93) You return to the junction with the Jewel, Key #111 (+3 Luck)

(8) You arrive back at the junction and head North

(273) A Barbarian! You must kill him; Mallet, 5 Wooden Stakes

(189) A gallery of paintings - you'll look at them

(25) The Warlock's picture scares you (-1 Skill)

(340) But you may hold your jewel up to the painting

(31) A clue? (+2 Skill points) You continue north

(90) Eat provisions if needed, then continue north

(253) Nothing in the Pear-Shaped room, so leave

(73) Ahead you hear a flowing river...

(218) Ring the bell for the Ferryman

(272) Pay him 3 Gold Pieces

(7) You're safely across the river!

(104) Open the large timber door in front of you

(49) A dark room. Bam! You're hit on the head (-2 Stamina)

(122) 4 Zombies! Charge them with your sword.

(282) Kill the 4 Zombies (+2 Luck after the first one is defeated)

(115) Go to the dead body in the northeast corner

(313) Take the Gold and Sword (+1 Luck, +1 Skill)

(221) Look at the items you've just taken

(27) The Sword is enchanted! (+2 initial & current Skill, +2 Luck)

(110) You find 10 Gold Pieces

(319) Time to be moving on...

(81) A noise prompts you to leave the room quickly

(205) A crypt! This place gives you the creeps

(380) Go to the crossroads

(37) Go north

(366) Go through the narrow opening in the north wall

(89) You cautiously descend the stairs...

(286) Three bodies; ignore them and tiptoe through the room

(107) Press on

(197) A portcullis drops behind you. Press on forwards

(48) Go east

(391) Go up the northward passage

(52) Go north at the T-intersection

(354) Go west at the bend

(308) Go north to the door

(54) Go through the door

(179) A Minotaur! You must kill it

(258) 8 Gold Pieces, Red Key #111, eat provisions (+2 Luck)

(54) You leave the room and go back to the junction

(308) Go south at the crossroads...

(160) ...and arrive at another crossroads

(267) Go south again

(246) You're now at a 3-way junction; go north

(329) You are faced with all four directions; go east

(299) Don't bother checking for secret passages -- proceed north

(359) You are at a crossroads; choose west

(385) You're at a 3-way junction -- go north to the dead-end

(398) You find a knob with a handle in the rock face. Push it.

(364) A small doorway slides open! Climb through.

(373) You follow a passage northwards to a crossroads.

(85) Go north

(106) A Dragon's cave! Look for another means of attack.

(126) You recall the 'Farrigo Di Maggio' Dragonfire spell

(26) The Dragon is blown away into the darkness

(371) You find a passageway to the west. Eat provisions. (+3 Luck)

(274) You enter a room with a harmless old man sitting at a table

(356) Greet the man courteously -- he reveals himself as the Warlock!

(358) He has been expecting you. Look through your pack for a suitable weapon.

(105) Use the Eye of Cyclops against the Warlock

(382) The Warlock is blown away by the jewel

(396) You enter the next room using two of your keys

(242) A treasure chest! You have keys with you which might fit...

(139) 99 + 111 + 111 = ???

(321) All three keys fit in the locks;

(169) The lid of the chest comes open;

(400) Your Quest Is Over and the treasure is yours!

Monsters of Firetop Mountain you'll fight

Snake: Skill 5 Stamina 2

(has Key # 99)

First Orc: Skill 5 Stamina 4

Second Orc: Skill 5 Stamina 5

(have the Dragonfire Spell)

Iron Cyclops: Skill 10 Stamina 10

(has Key # 111)

Barbarian: Skill 7 Stamina 6

(must be fought for passage, has Mallet & Stakes; not required)

Zombie 1: Skill 7 Stamina 6

Zombie 2: Skill 6 Stamina 6

Zombie 3: Skill 6 Stamina 6

Zombie 4: Skill 6 Stamina 5

(must be fought for passage, can get magical sword and gold in the room)

Minotaur: Skill 9 Stamina 9

(has Key #111)

Keys of Firetop Mountain

# 9 : Picked up in the Ogre Cave

# 66 : In the drawer at the Boathouse

# 99 : In the box with the snake

# 111 : Inside the breast plate of the Iron Cyclops

# 111 : In one of the pots of the Minotaur room

# 125 : Hanging on the wall of the gas chamber

The Boathouse Key: will let you into the Boathouse. It can be got nearby from the Werewolf Man and his Dog

The keys you need are 99, 111 and 111.

There was a Warlock of Firetop Mountain boardgame, which was very much like the book. It had all the monsters and more. There were more tricks and traps to avoid. The game never played the same twice, because the encounter cards were shuffled and randomly placed face-down on the rooms. It's somewhat like the TSR Dungeon! boardgame. All the Fighting Fantasy rules were used. Several adventurers competed for the Warlock's treasure. The combination of keys needed to open the treasure chest changed with every game, often requring players to fight each other to steal the correct keys. If an adventurer died, they could start from the beginning again, and still have a chance to win. The Maze of Zagor changed every game too, by use of eight special square-shaped Maze Cards, which could be laid in four different directions and shuffled in any order on the board.

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