My All-Time Favorite Television Programs

    The longest-running British Science Fiction series about a Time Lord and all of his adventures. He can travel to any place and time using his time machine called a TARDIS. If you haven't heard of Doctor Who, then you probably haven't heard of Star Trek either.

    Favourite Doctors (ranked best to last): 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 5th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 1st
    Favourite Villains: Sontarans, The Master
    Favourite Episodes (ranked): Logopolis, Colony in Space, Warrior's Gate, The Ark in Space,
    Paradise Towers, The Android Invasion, The Keys of Marinus, Revelation of the Daleks

    Doctor Who Episodes not on CBS Fox Video



A secret organization has erased Thomas Veil's entire life as he knew it, all because he took a picture of a creepy execution in the jungle. They want the negatives, and throughout the 25 episodes, will try almost any sort of method to get them. The show only lasted one season, but there is a valiant effort on the internet by fans to have the show return. It really was a special show. It kept me hooked to the television set every week for all 25 episodes. At the conclusion of the season, a lot of mysteries were explained. If there were to be a second season, those explanations would likely have been invalidated as "more untruths of the organization."  It was a great series. I'll definitely miss it. It's currently airing on the Space Channel in Canada (which is where live.)

My Favourite Episodes: It's Not Such A Wonderful Life, Absolute Zero, A Rough Whimper of Insanity, Contact, Through A Lens Darkly

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Nowhere Man Logbook of Episodes

    Five Mile Creek (1984)

    An Australian TV series of 36 1-hour episodes, set in the frontier days. Americans arrive in the Australian Outback, to set up a way-station. But things don't necessarily go as planned. An adventurous journey back to the wild gold rush days of the untamed  Australian frontier. An interesting note that Nicole Kidman was a regular actress on the show; one of her earliest roles.

    Favourite Character: Paddy Malone the Irishman - played by Michael Caton.

  1. Who can forget this gang of talented comics: Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Dave Thomas, Andrea Martin, John Candy, Rick Moranis, Catherine O'Hara, Martin Short, Robin Duke and Tony Rosato?

    Some of my favourite comedy sketches: "English for Beginners", or anything with Andrea Martin as Perini Schleroso,
    "You! with Libby Wilson", Jackie Rogers - "We hardly knew ye", "Jackie for President" and "Gimme Jackie", "Stars on One" with Brock Linahan -- especially the one where he goes back to his old highschool, "Miracles for Beginners" (Miracle Worker takeoff, John Candy as Peter Pan, Martin Short as "The Fella Who Couldn't Wait for Christmas", "Crazy Crafts" with Molly Early, "Tex and Edna Boyle's Organ Emporium", "Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town", "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: Doctor Tongue's 3-D House of {whatever}", "Morning Facial with Princess Carlotta", "I was a Teenaged Communist", 1984 changeover episode, "The Towering Inferno" takeoff, "Happy Hour - Six Gun Justice", "2009 - Jupiter and Beyond", "Scenes from an Idiot's Marriage", Gerry Todd's cheesy 80's video show, "Edith Prickley: Live from the Melonville Baths", "Five Neat Guys" record advertisments, "Mel's Rock Pile" with those terrible dancers, "Gene Shalit's America - Restaurant on the Cliff", "Driftwood Inn" sponsorships, Lola Heatherton's supposed suicide episode, "Das Boobs", "Pepi Longsocks", "Oh, that Rusty!", all Happy Wanderers specials, "The Days of the Week", "Dusty Towne Sexy Holiday Special", "The Bowery Boys in the Band" with Robin Williams, "Black Like Vic (Arpeggio), "Teacher's Pet" (to Sir With Love takeoff with the Boomtown Rats guest)

    There are many other funny ones also.

    SCTV Lives! a nice fan site

  1. Year 2120, mankind has been ravaged "the Metal Wars", where machines have taken over. The only hope for the future is a force of high-tech heroes Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Their strength is their powersuits, which enable them to perform a variety of super-human tasks. All of the special effects, from the enemy robots, to the ships and laser beams, are computer-generated. It's eye-candy for a Star Wars generation of kids. The flashy special effects were designed to interact with a series of light-sensitive Mattel toys, but I never bothered. I enjoyed the plots.

    Want more information? Want episode guides? Want collectables?

    Captain Power Episode Guide - courtesy of the Eden II website

    EDEN II: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future Website -- Excellent!

    The Power Base Homepage -- this site has a lot of things for Captain Power fans

    Jessica Steen's Captain Power Images

    There were plenty of Captain Power merchandise: the famous interactive VHS tapes and ships, action figures of all the Soldiers and villains of the Future, videos (sadly only the first six episodes), comic books.

    Favourite Soldier of the Future: Tank
    Favourite Metal-Warrior: Blastarr

    The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim (1974)

    A children's program broadcast on Canadian Public Television in the early 80's. Timothy is presumably an orphaned boy living on the streets of Toronto, until one day he discovers a magic trunk -- which time-travels him to Canada's past, where he meets a Medicine Man by the name of Zachariah Gibson. They go back and forth, solving different dilemmas in the past and present. It's a history lesson of Canada's , a study of social problems facing us today, and a comparison between life now and then. Ten 15-minute episodes were made, for a total of 150 minutes of educational television. It's a bit sad in the final episode, Timothy and Zachariah part their ways, because they don't really belong in each others' times. Did you know that David Hemblen,  who played Zachariah Gibson also played Lord Dread on Captain Power?

    The Adventures of Tin-Tin (1991)

    Cartoon adaptations of all the Herge Tin-Tin mystery books from France. I used to read the books in elementary and junior high school. They were sort of like James Bond Adventures for youths. Each one has been translated into two 24 minute shows. I haven't seen "Tin-Tin in the Land of the Soviets", "Tintin in the Congo", or "Tin-Tin In America".  If anybody knows of the existence of those cartoons, e-mail me: -- but I seriously doubt they were adapted.

    My Favourite Tin Tin Adventures: The Seven Crystal Balls/Prisoners of the Sun,
    The Castafiore Emerald and, The Black Island.

    A children's British Science Fiction show from the 70's; about a group of evolutionary telepathic children who call themselves "The Tomorrow People". In the 14 different stories they confront different enemies, including scientists who want to exploit them, invaders from other planets and crooked authorities. It follows the episodic format of Doctor Who, but is geared more towards a younger audience. The series was continued in the 1990's but never made it over to Canadian viewers.

    At The Auction (with Leslie Hindman)

    Broadcast on HGTV, coverage of antique and collectibles auctions. It's fun guessing what certain items will go for. It's also amazing what some people will pay for certain items. It's fun watching the people who are attending the auction. The show also offers tips for bidding and appraising items. Sometimes experts will give advice for collecting certain types of items. A look at what goes on behind the scenes of auctions is also offered. Leslie Hindman is a warm, friendly host of the show, who also operates the featured auction house.


    A guilty pleasure of mine. My favorite on the first season was Greg. On the second season, I wanted Roger to win.

    A British kid's show. Four weird fluorescent-colored aliens live in a spaceship beneath a meadow overrun with rabbits. Looking down from above is a giant sun with a baby's face inside it. The Teletubbies are Tinky Winky (largest purple), Dipsy (green), La La (yellow) and Po (smallest red). Their behaviour is monitored by unseen male and female entities. A giant windmill can beam television signals to the antennae on top of the Teletubbies heads. Each day, a different one is chosen to receive the signal. The image shows up on the screen on the chosen Teletubbies' stomach. It doesn't make sense to us-adults, but it's a great learning show for children ages 1-4.

    To find out more about Teletubbies, visit the PBS Teletubbies Site.

    To learn the truth about the Teletubbies, check out Time for Teletubbies

    Teletubbies Execution Chamber (not for the squeamish or the young)

    My Favourite Teletubbie: Dipsy (the green one).
    Why?  Because he has a cool voice, he knows how to dance, and he's not a sissy like Tinky Winky. La-La's really cute too, but she can get annoying after awhile. Po is too young yet -- although she has promise to be a future dancer like her big brother Tinky Winky. Speaking of dancing, the Teletubbies theme song has been made into a Dance Mix, and the hottest night clubs are probably playing it these days.

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