(1984, LT Films)

Kevin is back, but so are the ghosts of his victims, who want revenge.
The killing days of Kevin Markson are numbered, because Kevin will die.

Running Length - 58:40

Number of victims: 19

Kevin Markson played by: Kurt Robson & David Beaton

Production Details

My classmates developed a considerable interest in the My School series of films and begged to make one. I let them have full creative control. David Beaton and Lauren Mierendorf were behind much of the creation of My School IV. I just sat back and watched with enjoyment. Many of the scenes shot, I was not even there to witness.

Their approach to a My School movie was to have plenty of black humour, satanic references, cruel jokes and insults thrown directly at the victims. Kurt Robson wore the Skeleton mask and flannel shirt and David Beaton provided the sarcastic-toned voice of Kevin. Because Kurt was not always available, a third of the scenes were shot through the killer's eyes, with the spare hand (the one not holding the camera) jutting out in front of the lens, to try and establish some prescence, as well as some continuity with POV's in the first three My School films.

One of the sickest scenes in My School IV was with the biology frog. Kevin went to the science room and stole a dissecting frog. He names his new pet "kermit", and performs his own dissection on the frog without any tools. He stabs the frog with a ball point pen, and tears it apart with his hands. He eats the innards and eventually eats the entire frog. Kevin's monologue in this scene is sick and unforgettable.

Most of the kilings in this movie were well-done and gory. I appeared in this film as a cigarette-pufing teenager, who has a broken flourescent light tube stabbed into me by Kevin. Other good deaths included David Beaton being drowned in a toilet, two overweight girls being bounced around by Kevin in the gymnasium, a student having his face pushed against a grinder in the craft arts room, and the return appearance of Jim Anderson (after surviving MySchool III) being electrocuted by a loose wire on the wall. Another scene has Kevin strangling a student making his own movie in the library. Kevin then pans the camera around to get a shot of the dead student. Art imitating life?

We wanted to kill Kevin off for good this time. In the tradition of Friday the 13th part IV - The Final Chapter (which was out at theatres), Kevin would be destroyed at the end of this movie. Someone as indestructable and evil as Kevin could only be killed by equally supernatural forces. So we decided that the ghosts of his victims would come back and give him the royal beating which he deserved. Kevin confronts the ghosts twice during the movie as foreshadowing, and another final time. Kevin's final stand against the ghosts took place in the boy's washroom of our school, and was quite climactic. It included the unmasking of Kevin, something never before seen. I had always maintained that Kevin's mask was the source of his evil power. Without it, he was simply a victim. As soon as Kevin died, his body vanished, apparently to hell.

The satanic element of the killings bothered a lot of people, including me. Other than that, many people hold My School IV to be the closest to the original premise of the My School series. This, in a way, was also our video yearbook of our grade ten year at John G. Diefenbaker High School.

The movie was shot sequentially with the VHS camera of the school library. Audio was dubbed over the video later with a microphone. Many of the voices were done by different people, and didn't match who was onscreen. All female voice-overs were done by males - giving it a Monty-Python type of appearance. The audio of this movie has a comical effect.

Three years after it was shot, new professionally done credits replaced the old chalk-board written ones. The subtitle "Kevin's Last Stand" was also added.