(Not Released, LT Films)

Another echo of Kevin arrives in the middle of winter, this time wanting to stop the events which led to his defeat.
But can the spirit of Christmas overcome Kevin's evil?

Running Length - 120 minutes (estimated)

Number of victims: 19

Kevin Markson played by: Not yet cast

Added Father Brainwashing Scenes
Additional Scenes

Production Details

This movie has not been produced yet. The script and storyboards have been written though. Because of numerous reasons, this film may never be made. About 10% of the scenes have actually been shot. I'm still thinking of totally re-writing the story, because it's too cold to shoot a movie in the winter time!

Kevin appears in the city during the winter season. All of the killings would have a winter / Christmas theme, much like My School 5 & 6 had a summer theme. Kevin begins by getting a new winter costume, a parka, gloves, boots, and an all-new Skeleton mask. He notices immediately that Eugene the Doom Bear is in distress and needs to be rescued from a science research facility at a University. Kevin must go to the post-secondary institute and find Eugene. Kevin's other purpose is to kill Carl Junior, the son of Carol and Carl (from My School 7 and 8.) By killing Carl Junior, he will be extending his own existence by ending the family line to the Sensor, who would defeat him in the future. It all gets really complicated. Perhaps I'd like to make a simple slasher film.

This movie is supposed to end with Kevin being caught by the authorities and brought to justice, because in My School X, he is already incarcerated. I also had Kevin meeting up with the ghost of his school principle, who shows Kevin his past, present and future; very much like A Christmas Carol:

The past would include never-before-seen flashbacks of Kevin as a child, being brainwashed by his evil father to kill the students of the school. I also wanted to show the genesis of Eugene the Doom Bear. The present would hilight the current situation.