(1993, LT Films/Bryan Jenner Entertainment Industries)

The My School saga reaches an exciting climax.
The evil which started it all is finally unearthed.
Now incarcerated, Kevin has become a servant of good, while the Doom Bear has seduced an unlikely slave.
It's a showdown between good and evil, so prepare yourself for the greatest horror imaginable!

Running Length - 99 minutes

Number of Victims: 50

Kevin Markson played by: Lafe Travis (plus other Kevins)

Carl Junior played by: Bryan Jenner

Added Dream Sequence
Unused Scenes that were shot

Production Details

We actually decided to go ahead with part ten before part nine. I consider this the best My School movie made so far. The script is exciting, with numerous sub-plots and situations. The special effects and action are riveting. The script was written by Bryan and I as a team.

This film is set in the future year of 2005. Carl Junior (a child in My School 9) is now a teenager and is in possession of Eugene the Doom Bear. Carl Jr. and Eugene want nothing more to kill Kevin Markson, who has become a Christian. Kevin is hiding in a police-guarded safe-house, which is haunted by ghosts of Kevin's past.

This movie is the last My School film in the series (hence "The Final Horror".) It ties up all loose ends about Kevin, the Doom Bear, Virgil Pembury, as well as the Markson family and Carol's family. Yes, Kevin and the Doom Bear are killed for good in this film! I'm not going to bring them back. We still have to make My School 9, but that movie fits in before this one. I'm very proud of My School X. Originally it was going to be an anthology of several short stories connected by a linking plot, but we decided to create all the sub-plots instead, and weave them together. There is the prologue portion of the movie with a plant doctor, but that supports scenes in the later half of the film. The movie was structured in three acts; with a prologue and an epilogue included -- it works quite nicely